Where Are Traeger Grills Made? Suggest the top most famous brands today

Are you in the market for a Traeger grill but struggling to find reliable information on where to buy one? Don’t waste any more time searching endless online listings without knowing the quality of the information you’re getting. We understand the frustration of not knowing where are traeger grills made, which can lead to doubts about the product’s quality and reliability. That’s why we’ve created this comprehensive guide to Traeger grill manufacturing locations, providing you with all the information you need to make an informed purchase. 

In this guide, we’ll cover the history of the Traeger company, their manufacturing operations, and where are traeger grills made, including whether they’re manufactured in the United States or another country. We’ll also introduce you to the mouth-watering baked goods you can make with a Traeger grill and provide recommendations for where to buy a Traeger grill based on customer reviews and ratings. Save yourself time and frustration using our guide to make an informed decision about your Traeger grill purchase.

What is Traeger?


Traeger is a popular brand of grills known for their wood-fired pellet grills and smokers. Traeger grills use a unique cooking method with hardwood pellets to give food a distinct and delicious smoky flavor. These grills use wood pellets as fuel, which are made from compressed sawdust and other wood byproducts. The pellets are fed into a fire pot, igniting them and creating heat and smoke. Traeger grills are known for their versatility, as they can be used to smoke, grill, bake, roast, and more. The wood-fired flavor that Traeger grills impart to food is a signature feature that sets them apart from traditional gas or charcoal grills.

Who owns Traeger grills?

Traeger Grills was originally founded by Joe Traeger in 1985, but the company has since changed hands. In 2006, Traeger Grills was sold to a Florida Venture Capitalist. The rights were sold again to a private equity firm Trilantic Capital Partners. Traeger Grills is owned by Jeremy Andrus, who acquired the company in 2014. Andrus is also the CEO of Traeger and has helped the company to expand its product line and increase its market share in the grilling industry. As for where are Traeger grills made, let’s take a closer look.

Where are Traeger Grills made?

If you’re wondering where are Traeger Grills made, the answer is that they are manufactured in various locations worldwide. While Traeger was originally a U.S.-based company, they have since expanded their manufacturing operations to countries such as China and Vietnam. However, some Traeger grills are still made in the United States, specifically at the company’s headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah. The specific manufacturing location for a Traeger grill can usually be found on the product’s packaging or through the company’s customer service.

Where are Traeger Grills madeWhere are Traeger Grills made

Pellet Grills/Smokers Made In The United States

After learning about where are traeger grills made, let’s move on to a list of pellet grills and smokers made in the United States to consider:

  • Blaz’n Grill Works: Blaz’n Grill Works is a family-owned company based in Portland, Oregon, that manufactures high-quality pellet grills and smokers.

Where are Traeger Grills madeBlaz’n Grill Works

  • Cookshack: Cookshack is a company based in Ponca City, Oklahoma, specializing in commercial-grade pellet smokers and grills

Where are Traeger Grills madeCookshack

  • MAK Grills: MAK Grills is a company based in Dallas, Oregon, that manufactures a range of pellets and smokers, known for its high-quality construction and innovative features.

MAK GrillsMAK Grills

  • Pitts & Spitts: Pitts & Spitts is a company based in Houston, Texas, that produces high-end pellet grills and smokers, often used by professional chefs and pitmasters.

Pitts & SpittsPitts & Spitts

  • Smokin Brothers: Smokin Brothers is a family-owned company based in Jefferson City, Missouri, that manufactures affordable, high-quality pellet grills and smokers.

Smokin BrothersSmokin Brothers

  • Twin Eagle: Twin Eagles is a company based in Cerritos, California, that produces a range of high-end grills, including pellet grills and smokers.

Twin EagleTwin Eagle

  • Weber: Weber is a well-known brand in the grilling world, producing a range of gas, charcoal, and pellet grills, many of which are made in the USA.


  • Yoder: Yoder is a company based in Hutchinson, Kansas, specializing in high-end pellet grills and smokers, known for their durability and precise temperature control


List of Pellet Grills Made in USA – American-Made Pellet Grills Brands

Other American-made pellet grill brands to consider include:

  • Traeger Wood Pellet Grills: Despite manufacturing some of its products overseas, Traeger Grills still produces some pellet grills in the United States.

Traeger Wood Pellet GrillsTraeger Wood Pellet Grills

  • Z Grills – Affordable Quality and Performance: Z Grills is a relatively new brand based in Burlingame, California, that offers affordable pellet grills and smokers without sacrificing quality or performance.

Z Grills – Affordable Quality and PerformanceZ Grills – Affordable Quality and Performance

  • Pit Boss – The People’s Grill: Pit Boss is a brand based in Phoenix, Arizona, that produces affordable and reliable pellet grills and smokers.

Pit Boss – The People’s GrillPit Boss – The People’s Grill

  • Camp Chef: Camp Chef is a company based in Logan, Utah, that offers a range of outdoor cooking products, including pellet grills and smokers, known for their quality and versatility.

Camp ChefCamp Chef

  • Grilla Grills Pellet Smoker Series: Grilla Grills is a company based in Holland, Michigan, that produces pellet grills and smokers with a focus on innovation and quality.

Grilla Grills Pellet Smoker SeriesGrilla Grills Pellet Smoker Series

Delicious Dishes to Cook on Your Traeger Grill

Traeger grills are a popular choice for those who appreciate the unique flavors that come with wood-fired cooking. Have you ever wondered where are traeger grills made? While that’s an interesting, these versatile grills can do more than just traditional barbecue fare. You can use them to cook various delicious dishes that will make your taste buds sing. Check out these tasty recipes that you can make on your Traeger grill.

Smoked Brisket

Traeger grills are perfect for smoking large cuts of meat, like brisket. Slow cooking method and wood-fired flavor make for a delicious and tender meal.

Smoked BrisketSmoked Brisket

Grilled Salmon

Traeger grills can also be used to grill fish. A simple salmon fillet with some seasoning and a light glaze can make for a healthy and delicious meal.

Grilled SalmonGrilled Salmon

Smoked Pork Shoulder

Another popular meat to smoke on a Traeger grill is pork shoulder. The low and slow cooking method can produce a tender and juicy pulled pork dish perfect for sandwiches or tacos.

Smoked Pork ShoulderSmoked Pork Shoulder

Grilled Pizza

Traeger grills can also be used to grill pizza. The wood-fired flavor and crispy crust create a unique and delicious pizza experience.

Grilled PizzaGrilled Pizza

Smoked Ribs

Ribs are another popular meat to smoke on a Traeger grill. The long cooking time and smoky flavor can produce fall-off-the-bone tender ribs.

Smoked RibsSmoked Ribs

Grilled Vegetables

Traeger grills can also be used to grill vegetables. Grilled asparagus, zucchini, and bell peppers can make a delicious and healthy side dish.

Grilled VegetablesGrilled Vegetables

Smoked Chicken

Traeger grills can produce a perfectly smoked and juicy chicken that can be enjoyed with various sides or used for meal prep throughout the week.

Smoked ChickenSmoked Chicken

In the above article, we have answered for you where are traeger grills made and reputable, quality Traeger grills brands based on hundreds of studies and our previous experience. In addition to answering your question about where traeger grills are made, we have also highlighted some of the top Traeger grill brands known for their quality and reputation. Besides, we also suggest some super easy and delicious grilled dishes from Traeger grills that we hope can help your family meal or friend’s party become perfect.

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